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diet1 the food and drink usually eaten and drunk by a person or animal. [3 definitions]
dietitian a person who is trained to plan healthful meals for both ill and healthy people.
differ to be not the same as; be unlike. [2 definitions]
difference the condition of being different from or not like. [4 definitions]
different not the same; not alike. [2 definitions]
differently in another or new way. [2 definitions]
difficult hard to do or understand. [3 definitions]
difficulty the condition of being hard to do. [3 definitions]
dig to make a hole by removing dirt, sand, or the like. [6 definitions]
digest to break down into materials that can be absorbed and used by the body. [3 definitions]
digestion the process by which the stomach and intestines change food into a form that the body can use as energy.
digestive of or relating to digestion.
digestive system the parts of the body that work together to break down food so that it can be used by the body as energy. The human digestive system includes the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines.
digit a finger or toe. [2 definitions]
digital storing, using, or sending information electronically in the form of numbers. [2 definitions]
digital citizen a person who uses the internet to connect with society and the world. Digital citizens often use the internet to do things like getting and sending messages, posting or displaying information, playing games, or shopping.
digital clock a clock that shows the time as numbers in a row rather than by hands on a dial.
dignified having or showing dignity.
dignity one's sense of worth; pride or self-respect as shown in one's appearance or behavior.
dike a dam or high wall built to prevent flooding. [2 definitions]
dilapidated fallen into ruin or decay.