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digital storing, using, or sending information electronically in the form of numbers. [2 definitions]
digital citizen a person who uses the internet to connect with society and the world. Digital citizens often use the internet to do things like getting and sending messages, posting or displaying information, playing games, or shopping.
digital clock a clock that shows the time as numbers in a row rather than by hands on a dial.
dignified having or showing dignity.
dignity one's sense of worth; pride or self-respect as shown in one's appearance or behavior.
dike a dam or high wall built to prevent flooding. [2 definitions]
dilapidated fallen into ruin or decay.
dilemma a situation that requires a choice between two actions, neither of which will be a good solution.
diligent trying hard and steadily to achieve a goal.
dilute to make thinner or weaker by adding a liquid.
dim not well lighted; dark. [5 definitions]
dime a coin of the United States and Canada equal to ten cents.
dimension size as measured in length, width, or depth. [2 definitions]
diminish to make smaller or cause to appear smaller in size or importance. [2 definitions]
diminutive very small; tiny.
dimmer a device that controls the brightness of an electric light.
dimple a small natural dent or hollow that forms in the cheeks during a smile. [3 definitions]
din a loud, steady noise. [2 definitions]
dinar the main unit of money in Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Serbia, and Tunisia.
dine to eat dinner.
dine out to eat dinner away from one's home.