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diminutive very small; tiny.
dimmer a device that controls the brightness of an electric light.
dimple a small natural dent or hollow that forms in the cheeks during a smile. [3 definitions]
din a loud, steady noise. [2 definitions]
dinar the main unit of money in Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Serbia, and Tunisia.
dine to eat dinner.
dine out to eat dinner away from one's home.
diner one who eats a meal. [2 definitions]
dinette a small room or section of a room used for eating meals.
dinghy a small boat used as a lifeboat or for short trips to shore and back.
dingo a kind of wild dog found only in Australia. Dingoes have long legs, pointed ears, and yellowish brown or reddish brown fur. They hunt small mammals, but have learned to hunt sheep and cattle brought to Australia by European settlers.
dingy dirty or not cared for well. [2 definitions]
dining the activity of eating a fancy meal or the evening meal.
dining room a room in a home or hotel where meals are eaten.
dinner the main meal of the day. [2 definitions]
dinnertime the time at which people begin to eat dinner, or the period in which people are eating dinner.
dinosaur one of a group of extinct animals. Some kinds of dinosaurs were the largest animals that ever lived on land. Other dinosaurs were as small as chickens. The first kinds of dinosaurs developed over two hundred million years ago. The last kinds became extinct about sixty-five million years ago.
diocese a group of churches or a district under the authority of a bishop.
diorama a scene represented by objects in the form of people, animals, or things, placed in front of a painted background.
dioxide a compound containing two atoms of oxygen bound to a single atom of another element.
dip to put into a liquid briefly. [8 definitions]