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doily a small mat, often made of embroidered cloth, lace, or paper that looks like lace. Doilies are used to decorate or protect furniture and dishes.
do-it-yourself for use by people without particular skills in building or repair.
doll a toy made to look like a baby, child, or other person.
dollar the main unit of money in the United States, Canada, and several other countries. One dollar is equal to one hundred cents. [2 definitions]
dolphin a mammal that lives in the water. Dolphins look like large fish but they breathe air. They have teeth and a snout that looks like a beak. Most kinds of dolphins live in the ocean. A few kinds live in large rivers in Asia and South America. Dolphins are closely related to porpoises and other toothed whales.
domain the land owned or under the control of a single ruler or government. [2 definitions]
dome a rounded roof or ceiling on a room or building.
domestic of or related to the home or family. [3 definitions]
domesticate to bring (animals) under the control of humans so that they can live near humans and be pets or working animals.
domesticated of animals, made suited to the needs of humans and living close to humans rather than in the wild. [2 definitions]
dominant most powerful; ruling or controlling. [2 definitions]
dominate to control by the use of power; rule. [2 definitions]
Dominica an island country in the West Indies. The capital of Dominica is Roseau.
Dominican Republic a country on an island in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic shares the island with the country of Haiti.
dominion the power or authority to rule or control. [2 definitions]
Dominion Day see "Canada Day."
domino1 one of a set of small, flat game pieces shaped like rectangles, each having a different number of dots on its face. [2 definitions]
don2 to put on; dress oneself in.
donate to give in order to help a charity or other group.
donation the act or an instance of giving or donating. [2 definitions]
done past participle of "do1." [3 definitions]