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downpour a very heavy rain.
downright complete; absolute. [2 definitions]
downsize to reduce the size of (a company) by cutting down the number of its workers.
downstairs at, to, or on a lower floor. [3 definitions]
downstream in the direction that a stream or current is flowing. [2 definitions]
down the drain to no good purpose; wasted.
downtown at, to, or toward the lower part or the business area of a town or city. [2 definitions]
downward toward a lower place or condition. [2 definitions]
dowry the money or other property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage.
doz. an abbreviation for dozen, or dozens.
doze to sleep lightly or for a short time. [3 definitions]
dozen a group of twelve. [2 definitions]
Dr. an abbreviation for Doctor. [2 definitions]
drab1 not bright; dull.
draft a rough piece of writing that needs more work; sketch. [8 definitions]
drag to pull along with effort; haul. [5 definitions]
dragon an imaginary monster that looks like a giant lizard with wings, claws, and a long tail. In stories or pictures, dragons breathe fire and often guard a place or treasure.
dragonfly a brightly colored insect with a long, narrow body. It has four long, clear wings that are held out from the body. Dragonflies live near fresh water and eat mosquitoes and other insects.
drain to remove a liquid from by means of flow through a pipe. [6 definitions]
drainage the act or method of draining.
drainpipe a pipe used to drain liquids.