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drip to flow downward in drops. [4 definitions]
drive to cause to move by force; push. [11 definitions]
drive-in any business that serves people who drive up and are seated in their cars.
driven past participle of drive. [3 definitions]
driver someone who drives.
driveway a private road that leads from a street to a building such as a house or garage.
driving moving forward or going continuously with great force or excitement. [2 definitions]
drizzle to rain in light drops. [2 definitions]
dromedary a camel from northern Africa and the Middle East. Dromedaries have one hump.
drone1 a male honeybee or other male bee whose only known function is to mate with the queen bee.
drone2 to make a low, steady hum. [3 definitions]
drool to let saliva run from the mouth.
droop to hang or sink down; bend in a limp manner.
drop a small amount of liquid, usually with a round shape. [9 definitions]
drop off to fall asleep.
drop out to quit; stop participating.
drought a long period with little or no rain.
drove1 past tense of drive.
drove2 a group of animals gathered into a herd or flock and made to move along together. [2 definitions]
drown to die from lack of air as the result of being under water. [2 definitions]
drown out to cover up the sound of with a louder sound.