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duke a nobleman with the highest rank below a prince.
dull not having a sharp cutting edge. [7 definitions]
dumb not having the power of speech; without a voice. [3 definitions]
dumbbell a short bar with a heavy weight at each end. Dumbbells are used to develop muscles.
dummy an object made to look like another object. [3 definitions]
dump to drop in one big load. [3 definitions]
dunce a stupid, foolish, or ignorant person.
dune a mound or hill of sand built up by the action of wind.
dung the manure of animals.
dungaree a heavy cotton fabric; blue denim. [3 definitions]
dungeon a dark, damp, underground jail.
dunk to dip in a liquid. [2 definitions]
duplicate something that is an exact copy of something else. [4 definitions]
durable not easily broken or worn out; lasting; sturdy.
duration the length of time during which something goes on.
during throughout the entire time of. [2 definitions]
dusk the time of day just before night; last moments of twilight.
dust tiny, dry pieces of soil, dirt, or other material. [3 definitions]
dustpan a flat pan shaped like a small shovel with an attached handle. It is usually made of metal or plastic. A dustpan is used for gathering up dust or dirt while sweeping with a broom.
dust storm a storm of very strong winds that sweep up dust from the land. Dust storms can occur when the land has become very dry from lack of rain.
dusty full of or covered with dust. [2 definitions]