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eave (usually plural) the lower part of a roof that hangs out beyond the wall of a building.
eavesdrop to listen to other people talk without letting them know.
ebb the flowing of the tide away from the land to the sea; ebb tide. [3 definitions]
ebony a hard black wood that comes from tropical Asian trees. [3 definitions]
eccentric not behaving or thinking in an ordinary or accepted way; odd; peculiar. [2 definitions]
echo the repeating of a sound caused by the bouncing of sound waves from a surface. [4 definitions]
eclipse the blocking from view of the sun, a moon, or a planet by another heavenly body. In an eclipse of the sun, the sun is hidden from earth's view by the moon passing between the sun and the earth. [3 definitions]
eco-friendly designed to cause as little damage to the natural environment as possible.
ecology the scientific study of the relationships between living things and their environments.
economic having to do with the money system.
economical using only a small amount; without waste; frugal.
economics (used with a singular verb) the study of how goods and services are produced and distributed.
economist a person who is an expert in the study of economics.
economize to spend less money; lower expenses; be economical.
economy the careful use of money, resources, and means of production. [2 definitions]
ecosystem a community of living things, together with their environment.
ecru a pale yellowish or grayish tan color. Ecru is the color of old lace.
ecstasy a feeling of great pleasure or joy.
Ecuador a country in western South America on the Pacific coast. Quito is the capital of Ecuador.
-ed a suffix used to form the past tense of regular verbs. [2 definitions]
eddy a small current of water, air, fog, or dust that spins against the main current. [2 definitions]