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-ed a suffix used to form the past tense of regular verbs. [2 definitions]
eddy a small current of water, air, fog, or dust that spins against the main current. [2 definitions]
Eden the garden where the first humans lived, according to the Old Testament in the Bible; Garden of Eden. [2 definitions]
edge a line where two surfaces meet. [6 definitions]
edgewise with the edge forward or outward. [2 definitions]
edgy nervous or impatient; on edge.
edible able to be eaten as food; safe.
edit to correct, cut, add to, or change with the goal of producing a finished piece of writing or a film.
edition one of a series of printings of the same published work. [2 definitions]
editor a person who reads and corrects materials for publication. [2 definitions]
editorial an article in a newspaper, or a statement on television, that gives an opinion or point of view. [2 definitions]
educate to provide knowledge, training, and guidance to.
education the act or work of learning or training. [2 definitions]
educational having to do with education. [2 definitions]
eel a long fish that looks like a snake. Eels live in fresh water or salt water.
eerie mysterious and frightening; weird.
effect something produced by a cause. [4 definitions]
effective able to make happen or change something. [2 definitions]
efficient operating or working in a way that gets results, with little wasted effort.
effluent sewage or other liquid waste that flows into a body of water such as a river or lake.
effort the action of physical or mental energy. [2 definitions]