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editor a person who reads and corrects materials for publication. [2 definitions]
editorial an article in a newspaper, or a statement on television, that gives an opinion or point of view. [2 definitions]
educate to provide knowledge, training, and guidance to.
educated having received much knowledge from teachers, books, or other sources of information, usually through studying in a school over a number of years.
education the act or work of learning or training. [2 definitions]
educational having to do with education. [2 definitions]
eel a long fish that looks like a snake. Eels live in fresh water or salt water.
eerie mysterious and frightening; weird.
effect something produced by a cause. [4 definitions]
effective able to make happen or change something. [2 definitions]
efficient operating or working in a way that gets results, with little wasted effort.
effluent sewage or other liquid waste that flows into a body of water such as a river or lake.
effort the action of physical or mental energy. [2 definitions]
egg1 a cell in a female animal or in some kinds of plants that can develop into a new individual after it is fertilized. [2 definitions]
egg2 to urge or encourage to act (usually followed by "on").
eggplant a plant grown for its dark purple fruit, which is eaten as a vegetable. The fruit is often shaped like an egg or like a tube.
ego one's feeling about oneself, especially in comparison with other people. [2 definitions]
egocentric concerned with oneself.
egret a kind of heron that is usually white and grows a long plume of feathers in breeding season. There are several kinds of egrets.
Egypt a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Egypt is also called the Arab Republic of Egypt. Cairo is the capital of Egypt.
Egyptian of or having to do with Egypt or its people. [3 definitions]