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Eiffel Tower a tall tower made of iron constructed in Paris, France in 1889. It is a symbol of Paris and a popular tourist attraction.
eight the word for the number 8. [3 definitions]
eighteen the name for the number 18. [3 definitions]
eighteenth coming next after the seventeenth in a series. [3 definitions]
eighth coming next after the seventh in a series. [3 definitions]
eightieth coming next after the seventy-ninth in a series. [3 definitions]
eighty the word for the Arabic numeral 80 and for the Roman numeral LXXX. [3 definitions]
either one or the other of two. [5 definitions]
eject to throw out with force. [2 definitions]
elaborate planned or carried out with great care and attention to details. [2 definitions]
elapse to go or slip by; pass or come to an end.
elastic able to stretch easily without breaking and then return to original form. [2 definitions]
elasticity the condition or quality of being able to stretch easily without breaking and return to original shape.
elbow the bend or joint between the upper arm and the lower arm. [3 definitions]
elder1 born earlier; older. [2 definitions]
elderly old or aging.
eldest born first; oldest.
elect to choose by means of voting. [2 definitions]
election the process of choosing a person for office by voting.
electric of or having to do with electricity. [3 definitions]
electrical having to do with electricity; electric.