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electron a very small particle that moves outside the nucleus of an atom. Electrons have a negative charge.
electronic having to do with devices, equipment, or systems that use electricity in complex ways while employing very tiny parts. [2 definitions]
electronic mail a written message sent between people from a computer in one location to a computer in another location; e-mail.
electronics (used with a singular verb) the science that is concerned with the flow of electrons and their uses.
elegant fine or rich in quality.
element a part of any whole. [4 definitions]
elementary having to do with the most basic or simplest parts of something. [2 definitions]
elementary school a school for the first six to eight years of a child's education.
elephant an enormous mammal with a very long nose called a trunk. Elephants have curved tusks, huge, floppy ears, and four long, thick legs. Elephants use their trunks to pick up food, drink water, or lift things. They use their tusks to dig roots. Elephants travel in herds, eating tons of plants every day. African elephants are the largest mammals that live on land. Indian elephants are smaller and can be trained to work with people.
elevate to raise or lift up to a higher physical position.
elevation the height to which something rises or is raised, or its height above sea level or ground level. [2 definitions]
elevator a platform or a small room used to raise and lower people or goods from one level or floor to another in a building. [2 definitions]
eleven the word for the Arabic numeral 11 and the Roman numeral XI. [3 definitions]
eleventh coming next after the tenth in a series. [3 definitions]
elf an imaginary small creature that looks like a human and has magical powers.
eligible qualified for something; in a position to be chosen.
eliminate to get rid of or destroy. [2 definitions]
elk a large deer found in northern Europe and Asia. It has large antlers shaped like a palm with spread fingers. In North America the same kind of animal is called a moose. [2 definitions]
ellipse a shape that looks like a flattened circle; oval.
elm a large shade tree with spreading branches.
elope to run away and marry in secret.