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embarrassed feeling uncomfortable because of shame or receiving too much attention from others.
embarrassment the condition of being made uncomfortable or ashamed. [2 definitions]
embassy an ambassador and his or her staff. [2 definitions]
embed to set firmly in some surrounding material.
ember a small piece of glowing wood or coal in a dying fire.
embezzle to steal what was put in one's care.
emblem an object that stands for something; symbol.
embody to put in a form that can be seen; make real.
emboss to raise or represent in relief (a surface design). [2 definitions]
embrace to hold closely in one's arms; hug. [3 definitions]
embroider to make or decorate with needlework. [2 definitions]
embroidery the art or result of sewing designs on cloth; needlework.
embryo an animal or plant that is just starting to develop. An embryo grows inside an egg, a seed, or its mother.
emerald a clear green stone that is used in jewelry. [2 definitions]
emerge to rise up from or come into view. [2 definitions]
emergency a serious situation or sudden crisis that calls for fast action.
emery a powder made from a hard mineral. It is used for grinding and polishing.
emigrant one who leaves a country to live in another.
emigrate to leave one country or region in order to settle in another.
eminent standing above others in fame or achievement; outstanding.
emission the act of emitting.