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endanger to put in a dangerous situation. [2 definitions]
endangered in danger of becoming extinct. When a type of animal is endangered, it means that few of these animals exist now, and it is possible that there will be no more of these animals in the future. [2 definitions]
endangered species a species of plant or animal that is in danger of becoming extinct.
endeavor to make an effort; try; strive. [2 definitions]
ending the last part; conclusion.
endless having or seeming to have no end; without limits; infinite. [2 definitions]
endorse to give support to; approve of. [2 definitions]
endow to give money or property to. [2 definitions]
end up to enter into a situation or place or action as the final choice or result.
endurance the ability to go on under pain or hardship.
endure to bear up under or function in spite of. [2 definitions]
enemy one who hates or wants to harm another. [3 definitions]
energetic full of energy; active.
energy the power or ability to make something work or be active. [3 definitions]
enforce to put in force; make people obey.
enforcement the act or process of enforcing.
Eng. abbreviation of "England," or "English."
engage to get or use the service of; hire. [4 definitions]
engaged keeping a promise and plan of marriage.
engagement the act of engaging or state of being engaged. [3 definitions]
engine a machine that uses energy from fuel or electricity to do work, such as to move. [2 definitions]