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enjoy to find pleasure or joy in. [3 definitions]
enjoyable pleasant; giving joy.
enjoyment the state or act of enjoying; pleasure.
enlarge to make larger. [2 definitions]
enlargement the act or result of making larger; expansion. [2 definitions]
enlighten to give information or knowledge to.
enlist to sign up to serve in the military or in some cause. [2 definitions]
enormous very large in size or amount; huge.
enough as much or as many as needed or required. [3 definitions]
enquire another spelling of inquire.
enrage to make very angry or furious; put into a rage.
enrich to make wealthier or richer. [2 definitions]
enroll to enlist or sign up officially.
enrollment the act or process of becoming a member. [2 definitions]
en route during the journey; on or along the way.
ensign a flag, banner, or badge. [2 definitions]
enslaved without liberty and considered the property of another.
ensure to make sure or certain. [2 definitions]
entangle to cause to be snarled or tangled. [2 definitions]
enter to come or go in. [7 definitions]
enterprise a plan or project that is risky, bold, or difficult to carry out; undertaking. [2 definitions]