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entangle to cause to be snarled or tangled. [2 definitions]
enter to come or go in. [7 definitions]
enterprise a plan or project that is risky, bold, or difficult to carry out; undertaking. [2 definitions]
enterprising willing to do things that require energy and imagination.
entertain to amuse; keep interested. [3 definitions]
entertainer one who entertains by performance, such as an actress, musician, or comedian.
entertainment something that amuses or interests. [2 definitions]
enthrall to hold the complete attention of; fascinate.
enthusiasm a strong interest or excitement in connection with something. [2 definitions]
enthusiastic having or showing great interest.
entire having all the parts; whole. [2 definitions]
entirely completely; in every way.
entitle to give a right or legal claim to. [2 definitions]
entrance1 the act of entering. [3 definitions]
entrance2 to put into a trance or a state of delight; charm.
entrant one who enters or takes part in a contest.
entreat to beg for something, or to do something.
entrée the main course of a meal, especially a dinner. [2 definitions]
entrust to hand over to for the care or protection of. [2 definitions]
entry an act or instance of entering; entrance. [4 definitions]
enunciate to speak or pronounce in a clear voice.