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epic having to do with a long poem that tells the story of a hero or heroine. [3 definitions]
epicenter the point on the earth's surface directly above the central source of an earthquake.
epidemic an outbreak of disease that spreads rapidly to many people in one area.
epilepsy a nervous system disorder that causes convulsions and unconsciousness.
episode one event in a series of events in a person's life or a story.
epoch an important period in human history.
equal having the same value, measure, or amount as something else. [4 definitions]
equality the condition, fact, or quality of being equal.
equally in an equal or like manner. [2 definitions]
equation a statement in arithmetic that uses an equal sign to show the equality of two quantities.
equator the imaginary circle around the earth that is halfway between the North and South Poles. The equator is represented by a line that goes around the middle of a globe.
equatorial from, near, or on any equator. [2 definitions]
Equatorial Guinea a country near the equator on the west central coast of Africa, between Gabon and Cameroon. The capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo.
equestrian of or relating to horseback riding. [2 definitions]
equilateral having all the sides or faces equal.
equilibrium a state of balance between two or more forces.
equinox either of the two times during the year when the sun's rays are perpendicular to the earth's equator, occurring in March and September. During the equinox, day and night are both 12 hours long all over the world.
equip to provide with what is needed to complete a task.
equipment things made, or used, for a particular activity. [2 definitions]
equivalent the same as or equal to another in force, value, measure, or meaning. [2 definitions]
-er1 a suffix that means "one who performs an action." [2 definitions]