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erosion wearing away of the earth's surface by wind or water.
errand a quick trip taken for a particular purpose. [2 definitions]
erratic not expected or predicted; not regular. [2 definitions]
error a mistake in thought or action; something that is wrong.
erupt to break or burst out suddenly.
eruption the act or process of erupting.
escalator a set of stairs that moves by means of a belt drive. An escalator carries people between floors of large buildings, such as department stores, airports, or train stations.
escape to get free. [5 definitions]
escort a person or group of people who travel with someone to protect, guide, or guard that person, or to show respect. [3 definitions]
Eskimo a member of any of the native peoples of northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and northeastern Russia. Some Eskimo peoples are now called Inuit.
esophagus a tube that moves food from the mouth to the stomach of an animal.
especially more than usually; to a great degree. [3 definitions]
espionage the act of spying to collect information.
essay a short piece of writing that gives the writer's ideas, feelings, and opinions on a particular subject.
essence that which makes something what it is; central nature. [2 definitions]
essential necessary, needed. [3 definitions]
essentially at the core; when the most important part is considered.
-est a suffix used to change the form of many adjectives and adverbs to make them express the idea of "most."
establish to bring into being; to found. [2 definitions]
establishment the act of establishing. [3 definitions]
estate a piece of land with a large house on it. [2 definitions]