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evacuate to move or take away from a dangerous place. [2 definitions]
evade to get away from by using skill or tricks. [2 definitions]
evaluate to judge the level or value of. [2 definitions]
evaluation a report that tells the value or quality of something. [2 definitions]
evaporate to turn from liquid into gas; pass away in the form of vapor. [2 definitions]
evaporation the process of evaporating.
eve (sometimes cap.) the evening or day before a holiday or other special day.
even smooth, level, or flat. [12 definitions]
evening the period between late afternoon and nightfall. [2 definitions]
event anything that happens. An event is usually a special or important happening. [2 definitions]
eventual sure to happen at some time in the future.
eventually at a future time; in the end; finally.
ever at some time; at any time. [3 definitions]
everglade a very large swamp in a warm climate. Rivers or streams flow slowly through an everglade, and tall, thick grass grows throughout.
evergreen having green leaves that stay on a plant throughout the year. [2 definitions]
everlasting going on forever; never ending.
every each and all parts of a group of people or things. [2 definitions]
everybody each and all persons; every person.
everyday happening daily; routine. [2 definitions]
every now and then from time to time; upon occasion.
every once in a while from time to time; upon occasion.