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ex-1 a prefix that means "out of" or "from." [2 definitions]
exact having no mistakes; correct. [3 definitions]
exacting strict in making demands. [2 definitions]
exactly in a correct or accurate way. [3 definitions]
exaggerate to present as larger, more important, or more valuable. [2 definitions]
exam (informal) an examination, such as a test given at school or a physical checkup by a doctor.
examination the act of examining; inspection. [2 definitions]
examine to look at closely and carefully. [2 definitions]
example something that shows what a group of things is like. [4 definitions]
exasperate to bother or annoy to the point of causing anger.
excavate to make a hole or hollow place in by digging. [2 definitions]
exceed to go beyond or do more than. [2 definitions]
exceedingly in a way that exceeds the usual; very; extremely.
excel to do or perform better than others.
excellence the condition of being very good or outstanding.
excellent very good or much better than others.
except apart from; not including; but. [3 definitions]
exception the act or fact of leaving out. [2 definitions]
exceptional different, unusual, or out of the ordinary. [2 definitions]
excerpt a short section taken from a play, film, or written work. [2 definitions]
excess an amount that is more than what is needed. [2 definitions]