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exceptional different, unusual, or out of the ordinary. [2 definitions]
excerpt a short section taken from a play, film, or written work. [2 definitions]
excess an amount that is more than what is needed. [2 definitions]
excessive more than is needed or considered fair; not reasonable.
exchange to give in return for something else; trade. [4 definitions]
excite to stir up the feelings of; arouse.
excited in a state of excitement; thrilled.
excitement the state of being excited. [2 definitions]
exciting causing excitement.
exclaim to speak suddenly and with strong feeling. [2 definitions]
exclamation the act of exclaiming. [2 definitions]
exclamation mark a punctuation mark (!). It is used after a word or words that express strong feeling; exclamation point.
exclamation point a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation, interjection, or command; exclamation mark.
exclude to leave out; keep out.
exclusive keeping out all others. [2 definitions]
exclusively with all others left out or not included; only; solely.
excrete to get rid of from the body.
excruciating very painful; causing agony.
excursion a short trip made for some purpose. [2 definitions]
excuse to forgive or pardon. [5 definitions]
execute to do or carry out; to make (something) become a reality. [2 definitions]