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extraterrestrial existing or coming from a place outside planet Earth.
extravagance the act of spending too much money or spending money in a foolish way. [2 definitions]
extravagant spending too much; spending in a foolish or careless way. [2 definitions]
extreme at the farthest point of something. [5 definitions]
extremely very; to an extreme degree.
extremity the farthest point or reach of something. [4 definitions]
extrovert a person who is outgoing and likes to be with other people.
eye the organ of the body that gives animals sight, and the area close around it. [5 definitions]
eyeball the part of the eye that is shaped like a ball. The eyeball sits in the eye socket.
eyebrow the ridge of bone above each eye. [2 definitions]
eyedropper a small glass or plastic tube used to apply drops of medicine, especially to the eyes.
eyeglass (plural) two lenses in a frame that rests on the nose and ears, worn to help a person see better; glasses.
eyelash the short, fine hairs that grow on the edge of the upper or lower eyelid; a single one of these hairs.
eyelet a small hole in cloth or leather with bound or covered edges. An eyelet is used to pass cord or thread through, fasten hooks into, or serve as decoration.
eyelid a fold of skin that can be opened or shut over the eyeball.
eyeliner makeup used to draw a thin line on the edges of the eyelids.
eyesight the ability to see; vision. [2 definitions]
eyetooth a pointed tooth in the upper jaw, located beneath the eye. The eyeteeth are also called "canines."
eyewitness a person who has seen something happen with his or her own eyes.
F2 symbol of the chemical element fluorine.
F3 abbreviation of female.