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Fahrenheit relating to a temperature scale on which water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. (abbreviated: F)
fail to not do or not succeed in doing; be unable. [7 definitions]
failure the act of not succeeding or not doing. [4 definitions]
faint weak or slight. [4 definitions]
fair1 without showing favor and without allowing an advantage for one side over another; just. [7 definitions]
fair2 a gathering at which farm animals and farm produce are shown and judged. A fair is usually held over several days and includes games and amusements. [2 definitions]
fairground (often plural) an open, flat space where fairs are held.
fairly in a just or honest way. [3 definitions]
fairy an imaginary tiny creature in human form, thought to have magic powers.
fairy tale a story that tells of magical events and creatures in a make-believe world. The stories usually take place in an imaginary past time and often involve characters such as knights and kings and princesses.
faith trust or confidence. [3 definitions]
faithful able to be trusted or relied on. [2 definitions]
fake to make a false copy of. [5 definitions]
falcon a bird with long, powerful wings and a hooked beak. Falcons are related to hawks. They hunt other animals for food during the day.
fall to drop downward from a higher place; descend. [10 definitions]
fall asleep to begin the process of sleep.
fall back on to have another choice if something does not work out; resort to.
fall behind to not keep up with; lag behind.
fallen past participle of "fall." [3 definitions]
fallout the radioactive particles that fall from a nuclear explosion.
fallow plowed but not planted with seeds. [2 definitions]