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fascinate to attract and hold the attention and interest of.
fascinated extremely charmed or interested.
fascinating extremely interesting or enchanting; spellbinding.
fashion the style of clothes or way of acting that is popular. [3 definitions]
fashionable conforming to what is currently in style.
fast1 moving or operating with speed. [9 definitions]
fast2 to eat no food. [3 definitions]
fasten to join or attach firmly to something else or in place. [3 definitions]
fastener a device that joins together or fastens.
fast-food selling food that is quickly made and served.
fat a white or yellow oily substance found in some parts of animals or plants. Fat is made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. [4 definitions]
fatal causing or able to cause death. [2 definitions]
fat chance slight or no chance.
fate the power that is often believed to decide what will happen in human life or history. [3 definitions]
father a male parent. [3 definitions]
father-in-law the father of a person's wife or husband.
Father's Day a holiday in the United States that honors fathers, celebrated every year on the third Sunday in June. People often give gifts to their fathers on this day.
fathom a unit of length equal to six feet, used to measure the depth of water or mines. [2 definitions]
fatigue the condition of being tired in body or mind. [2 definitions]
fatten to make fat. [2 definitions]
faucet a device for turning on and off the flow of liquid from a pipe or container; tap.