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Fe symbol of the chemical element iron.
fear a strong feeling one gets when one expects danger or pain. [4 definitions]
fearful feeling fear; afraid. [2 definitions]
fearless without fear; brave.
feast any large and elaborate meal. [2 definitions]
feat an act or achievement that shows courage, strength, or skill.
feather one of the soft and light parts of a bird that grows from the skin and covers the body. [2 definitions]
feature a part of the face such as the eyes, nose, or chin. [4 definitions]
Feb. abbreviation of "February."
February the second month of the year. February usually has twenty-eight days, but it has twenty-nine days in a leap year.
fed past tense and past participle of "feed."
federal having to do with a system of government that unites several states under a central government. The states have their own governments, yet they recognize the rule of the central government as well. [2 definitions]
federation a government or league formed by the union of several states, clubs, or other groups.
fed up at or beyond the limit of one's patience or tolerance; completely bored or annoyed with something or someone.
fee an amount of money requested or paid for a service. [2 definitions]
feeble without strength; weak in body or mind.
feed to provide food for or give food to. [5 definitions]
feedback the giving back of opinions, corrections, or other comments from people who have been presented with something like a product, process, or event. [2 definitions]
feed on to eat (a certain type of thing) as food.
feel to find out about or perceive by the sense of touch. [7 definitions]
feeler a part of an animal's body that is used for touching and feeling. The long, thin feelers that grow on the heads of many insects are called antennae.