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feature a part of the face such as the eyes, nose, or chin. [4 definitions]
Feb. abbreviation of "February."
February the second month of the year. February usually has twenty-eight days, but it has twenty-nine days in a leap year.
fed past tense and past participle of "feed."
federal having to do with a system of government that unites several states under a central government. The states have their own governments, yet they recognize the rule of the central government as well. [2 definitions]
federation a government or league formed by the union of several states, clubs, or other groups.
fed up bored, disgusted, or irritated.
fee an amount of money requested or paid for a service. [2 definitions]
feeble without strength; weak in body or mind.
feed to provide food for or give food to. [5 definitions]
feedback the giving back of opinions, corrections, or other comments from people who have been presented with something like a product, process, or event. [2 definitions]
feel to find out about or perceive by the sense of touch. [7 definitions]
feeler a part of an animal's body that is used for touching and feeling. The long, thin feelers that grow on the heads of many insects are called antennae.
feeling the ability to sense things by touch. [3 definitions]
feel like to have a desire for or interest in.
feel up to (informal) to feel able to.
feet plural of "foot."
feign to pretend or fake; put on a false show of.
feint a false movement that is meant to trick an opponent by taking attention away from the real target. [2 definitions]
feline having to do with cats, both house cats and cats that live in the wild. [3 definitions]
fell1 past tense of "fall."