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ferry a boat or ship that carries people or freight back and forth across a river or other body of water. [2 definitions]
fertile producing or able to produce farm crops or other plant life. [3 definitions]
fertilize to make able to produce babies, seeds, fruit, or eggs. [3 definitions]
fertilizer a natural or chemical substance added to soil to make it better for growing plants.
festival a ceremony or celebration that repeats, often once a year, and involves special activities or amusements. [2 definitions]
festive of, relating to, or intended for a feast or celebration. [2 definitions]
festivity a celebration; festival. [2 definitions]
fetch to go for (something) and bring back, or cause (a person) to come; get.
feud anger, unfriendliness, or fighting between families or other related groups that lasts for a long time. [2 definitions]
feudalism a political and economic system in Europe and Japan during the Middle Ages. Royal or noble families owned the land and allowed people to live on and farm the land in return for a share of the crops and their service in war.
fever a body temperature higher than normal that is usually caused by illness. [2 definitions]
few only a small number of. [2 definitions]
few and far between not often happening; seldom seen.
fewer comparative of few. [2 definitions]
fib a lie about something that is not important. [2 definitions]
fiber a small, thin part of a plant, animal, or mineral that is shaped like a thread. [2 definitions]
fiberglass fine threads of glass made into a building material. Fiberglass can be made into insulation for buildings, or it can be molded into a strong solid used in making parts of boats, cars, furniture, and other things.
fibre a spelling of "fiber" used in Canada and Britain. See "fiber."
fibreglass a spelling of "fiberglass" used in Canada and Britain. See "fiberglass."
fiction writing that tells a story made up in a writer's imagination. Fiction is usually written in prose, not poetry. Novels, short stories, and tales are pieces of fiction. [2 definitions]
fictional existing only in a made-up story and not existing in real life.