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fiction writing that tells a story made up in a writer's imagination. Fiction is usually written in prose, not poetry. Novels, short stories, and tales are pieces of fiction. [2 definitions]
fictional existing only in a made-up story and not existing in real life.
fiddle (informal) a violin or similar instrument. [4 definitions]
fidget to move in a nervous or restless way. [2 definitions]
field a wide area of open land often used for growing crops. [5 definitions]
fielder a player in the field in baseball, softball, or cricket.
field glass (usually plural) a pair of binoculars used outdoors.
field trip a trip away from class by a group of students to learn or gain experience.
fierce wild and dangerous; ferocious. [3 definitions]
fiery on fire or containing fire; flaming. [3 definitions]
fiesta a festival or religious celebration in nations where Spanish is spoken.
fife a small wind instrument that looks like a flute and has a high pitch. The fife usually plays along with drums in marching music.
fifteen the word for the Arabic numeral 15 and for the Roman numeral XV. [3 definitions]
fifteenth coming next after the fourteenth in a series. [3 definitions]
fifth coming next after the fourth in a series. [3 definitions]
fiftieth coming next after the forty-ninth in a series. [3 definitions]
fifty the word for the Arabic numeral 50 and for the Roman numeral L. [3 definitions]
fig a soft fruit, with many small seeds, that grows on a tree native to the Mediterranean, or the tree on which the fruit grows.
fight the use of weapons, bodies, or words to struggle with someone or something; battle; quarrel. [5 definitions]
fighter a boxer. [2 definitions]
figure a number or other written symbol that is not a letter of the alphabet. [10 definitions]