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finch a small bird with a bill that is excellent at cracking seeds. Sparrows and cardinals are kinds of finches.
find to come upon or meet by accident. [6 definitions]
find out to discover; learn.
fine1 very good; excellent. [5 definitions]
fine2 a sum of money charged as a punishment for a crime or offense. [2 definitions]
finger one of the five jointed parts at the end of the hand. Sometimes the thumb is not counted as a finger. [3 definitions]
fingernail a hard, clear piece that grows at the end of the finger.
fingerprint a mark made by the tip of a finger on an object that it has touched. Police and hospital records keep fingerprints made by a finger dipped in ink. These are used for identification, because no two people have the same fingerprint. [2 definitions]
finish to reach or cause the end of; complete. [5 definitions]
finished completed; ended.
finish line a line that marks the end of a race. The first person who crosses the finish line in a race is the winner.
Finland a country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. Helsinki is the capital of Finland.
Finn a person who was born in or is a citizen of Finland.
Finnish the main language of Finland. [2 definitions]
fiord another spelling of fjord.
fir a type of evergreen tree. Fir trees bear cones and are related to the pines. There are many different kinds of firs.
fire the heat, light, and flames produced by burning. [9 definitions]
fire alarm a device that gives off a noise to signal that a fire is occurring.
firearm a small gun, such as a pistol or rifle.
firecracker a small paper tube filled with gunpowder, which explodes and makes a loud noise when its fuse is lit. Firecrackers are sometimes used during celebrations.
fire department a part of a city or town government that works to prevent and put out fires, or the people who work for it.