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fixed firmly placed, fastened, or positioned; unmoving. [2 definitions]
fixture something fixed into place as a permanent part.
fjord a long, narrow ocean inlet that passes between high and rocky banks or steep cliffs.
FL abbreviation of "Florida."
flag1 a piece of cloth, in the shape of a rectangle or triangle, with colors and designs. Flags are used for signaling or as symbols of a country or organization. [2 definitions]
flagpole a pole on which to hang or fly a flag.
flail a farm tool used to separate seeds from grain. A flail has a long handle with a short, swinging bar on one end. [4 definitions]
flair a natural ability; talent.
flake a small, thin piece that has split off from or peeled off of a surface. [4 definitions]
flame the mixture of burning gas and vapor that rises from an object that is on fire. Flame is seen as brightly colored, flickering light. [4 definitions]
flamingo a large, tropical, wading bird with very long legs, a long neck, and bright pink or red feathers.
flammable able to catch on fire easily.
flank the area between the hip and the ribs on either side of the body. [3 definitions]
flannel a soft material made of wool or cotton. Flannel is used for warm clothing and bed covers, among other things.
flap to swing or wave back and forth with a slapping sound. [5 definitions]
flapjack a flat cake made of batter and cooked in a pan; pancake.
flare to begin to burn brightly (often followed by "up"). [5 definitions]
flash a sudden, bright light that shines, then quickly disappears. [7 definitions]
flashcard any of a set of cards that have a words, numbers, or pictures on them and that are used to quickly test a student's memory for the information on the other side of the card.
flashlight a small lamp or light that is held in the hand and powered by batteries.
flask a rounded bottle with a narrow neck.