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foliage leaves on a tree or other plant. [2 definitions]
folk a group of people who come from the same country and share the same kind of life. [5 definitions]
folk dance A dance made up and handed down by the common people of a region or country. [2 definitions]
folklore the stories and ways of a group of people from a certain place or country. Such stories and traditions are handed down through the years from one generation to the next.
folk music music made up and played by the common people of a region or country. Such music is often simple, with parts that are played over and over.
folk singer a singer of folk songs.
folk song a piece of folk music meant for singing.
folk tale a story that has been handed down for generations among the common people of a region.
follow to come or go after or behind. [6 definitions]
follower a person who believes in, studies, or supports the ideas of a teacher or other leader.
following a group of followers or supporters. [4 definitions]
follow in the footsteps of to have the same job or lead the same kind of life as someone else.
follow up to act further to keep something from being forgotten.
folly a lack of good sense or judgment.
fond having or expressing tender or loving feelings. [2 definitions]
fondle to touch or stroke in a tender way.
font1 an open container that holds holy water for baptism.
font2 a complete set of type, all of the same size, style, or face.
food anything that contains nutrients and is eaten by living creatures in order to maintain life, health, and growth.
food chain a series of living beings in which each serves as food for the next.
food for thought something to be thought about or pondered.