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foothill a lower hill near the base of a mountain or group of mountains.
footing a firm base on which one can stand, build, or grow. [3 definitions]
footnote a note at the bottom of a page or the end of a chapter that explains a part of the main text.
footprint a mark pressed by a foot onto a surface, such as a step in wet sand or a print left by a muddy shoe.
footstep a single step with the foot, or the sound it makes. [2 definitions]
footstool a low stool on which to rest the feet while seated.
for used to show the purpose or aim of an action. [12 definitions]
forage food for animals such as horses or cattle. [3 definitions]
forbade a past tense of "forbid."
forbid to give orders that prevent or prohibit.
forbidden prohibited; not allowed to be entered, touched, eaten, or the like. [2 definitions]
force power, energy, or physical strength. [6 definitions]
forceful having power, force, or effectiveness.
forceps a tool, shaped like a pair of tongs or tweezers, used to grasp and pull. Dentists and medical doctors use forceps.
for certain without question; definitely.
ford a shallow place in a river or other body of water that can be crossed without a boat or raft. [2 definitions]
fore- a prefix that means "before" or "coming before." [2 definitions]
forearm1 the lower arm in humans, between the elbow and wrist.
forecast to state as likely to happen; predict. [2 definitions]
forefather a male ancestor.
forefinger the finger next to the thumb; index finger.