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foreseen past participle of foresee.
foresight concern and planning for future needs and events; prudence.
forest a large area of land covered with many trees and other plants.
foretell to tell of as likely or certain to happen; forecast; predict.
foretold past tense and past participle of foretell.
forever for all time; eternally. [2 definitions]
foreword a statement at the beginning of a written text, such as a book; introduction or preface.
for example as an example or examples.
forfeit something demanded or given up as a penalty for not acting as required by law, contract, or rules. [3 definitions]
forgave the past tense of forgive.
forge1 a furnace or hearth where metal is heated to be worked or shaped. [5 definitions]
forge2 to move forward gradually but with strength of purpose (often followed by "ahead").
forget to fail to remember. [3 definitions]
forgetful likely to forget.
forget-me-not a kind of plant with clusters of blue flowers. The flowers are considered to be symbols of faithfulness in friendship or love.
forgive to give up or let go of anger against. [2 definitions]
forgiveness the act of forgiving. [2 definitions]
for good forever; permanently.
forgot past tense and a past participle of forget.
forgotten a past participle of forget.
for hire available for service or use in return for a payment of money.