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forth forward; onward in time or location. [2 definitions]
for the most part to a large degree; usually.
for the present at least at this moment, though perhaps not afterwards.
fortieth coming next after the thirty-ninth in a series. [3 definitions]
fortification the act of adding strength or fortifying. [2 definitions]
fortify to give more strength, resistance, or energy to; reinforce.
fortress a large, fortified building or area, often around a town or settlement.
fortunate having good fortune; lucky; blessed. [2 definitions]
fortunately by lucky chance; luckily.
fortune a large amount of money or wealth. [3 definitions]
fortuneteller a person who claims to have the ability to see and tell about events that will happen in the future.
forty the word for the Arabic numeral 40 and the Roman numeral XL. [3 definitions]
forum the central place in ancient Roman cities where people gathered for business and public meetings. [2 definitions]
forward toward a place or time that is further on; ahead. [7 definitions]
fossil the remains or trace of a living animal or plant from a long time ago. Fossils are found embedded in earth or rock.
fossil fuel any carbon-containing fuel formed from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals. Coal, petroleum, and natural gas are examples of fossil fuel.
foster to aid and encourage the growth or development of. [2 definitions]
fought past tense and past participle of fight.
foul very unpleasant to taste, smell, or look at. [11 definitions]
foul line either of the lines on a baseball field drawn from home plate through first and third bases to the outfield. Foul lines mark the area within which fair play takes place. [2 definitions]
foul up (informal) to make serious mistakes, or cause someone else to do so.