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fragrance a pleasant smell.
fragrant having a pleasant smell.
frail1 weak or sickly. [2 definitions]
frame a structure made of parts that are joined together and that supports a larger object. [5 definitions]
framework a structure that supports something built on or around it.
franc the main unit of money of France, Belgium, and several other countries.
France a country in western Europe. Paris is the capital of France.
frank1 honest, direct, and open.
frank2 (informal) frankfurter; hot dog.
frankfurter a thin, smoked sausage that is usually made from beef or a mixture of beef and pork.
frantic very excited by worry or fear; frenzied.
fraud the use of lies or tricks to cheat or take advantage of in a way that is often against the law. [2 definitions]
fray2 to wear or rub thin. [2 definitions]
freak1 a person or animal that is very different from what is considered normal, or that has a surprising defect. [3 definitions]
freckle a light brown dot or mark in the skin, often brought out by exposure to sunlight.
free not held back or confined; not enslaved and not in prison. [10 definitions]
freedom the condition of being free or freed; liberty. [3 definitions]
free-fall the first stage of a parachute jump, before the parachute opens.
freeware software that is given away for no charge by its author. People may use the software but not sell it.
freeway a highway with more than two lanes and no stop signs or traffic lights, allowing traffic to move at high speeds.
freeze to harden into ice or become solid from cold temperatures. [6 definitions]