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freedom the condition of being free or freed; liberty. [3 definitions]
free-fall the first stage of a parachute jump, before the parachute opens.
freeware software that is given away for no charge by its author. People may use the software but not sell it.
freeway a highway with more than two lanes and no stop signs or traffic lights, allowing traffic to move at high speeds.
freeze to harden into ice or become solid from cold temperatures. [6 definitions]
freezer a very cold refrigerator that freezes foods or stores frozen foods.
freight goods shipped by boat, plane, train, or truck.
freighter a ship for taking goods from one place to another.
French of or having to do with France, or its people, culture, or language. [3 definitions]
French fries (often lower case) potatoes cut into long strips and fried in fat.
French Guiana a territory of France in northern South America, on the Atlantic coast. Cayenne is the capital city of French Guiana.
French horn a brass wind instrument. It is a long coiled tube that ends in a wide bell shape.
Frenchman a man who was born in or is a citizen of France.
Frenchwoman a woman who was born in or is a citizen of France.
frenzy a state of wild excitement or anger.
frequency the condition of happening often or being frequent. [3 definitions]
frequent happening often or repeated often.
frequently often; many times.
fresh newly made, gotten, or experienced. [7 definitions]
freshen to cause to be fresh; renew. [2 definitions]
freshen up to make oneself feel more comfortable or attractive, as by cleaning oneself.