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frisk to leap or skip in a lively and happy way. [2 definitions]
frivolous likely to be too silly; lacking sense.
frog1 a small, jumping animal with smooth, moist skin, long back legs, webbed feet, and no tail. Frogs are amphibians; they live in water during the first part of their lives and on land as adults. [2 definitions]
frogman a swimmer who works underwater.
frolic to act in a playful way by romping about, making merry, or playing jokes.
from used to show a starting point in place or time. [5 definitions]
from A to Z from beginning to end; completely; thoroughly.
from scratch from the very beginning.
frond a long leaf with many small divisions. Ferns and palm trees have fronds.
front the most forward part or side of something. [6 definitions]
frontier a border between two countries, or the area nearby on either side. [2 definitions]
frost a light, white covering of dew or water vapor frozen into ice crystals. [5 definitions]
frostbite damage to the skin or body by freezing. [2 definitions]
frosting a sweet covering or filling for baked goods, often made of sugar, butter, and flavoring; icing.
frosty causing or marked by frost; freezing. [2 definitions]
froth any collection of bubbles formed on a liquid. [2 definitions]
frown to wrinkle the forehead to show anger, unhappiness, or confusion. [3 definitions]
froze past tense of "freeze."
frozen past participle of "freeze." [4 definitions]
frugal likely to try to save money; careful with spending. [2 definitions]
fruit the part of a plant that has seeds and flesh, such as apple or strawberry. Most fruits are sweet and can be eaten raw.