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fudge1 a soft candy or frosting made by cooking sugar with butter and other ingredients, such as chocolate and nuts.
fuel anything such as wood or gasoline that is burned as a source of energy. [2 definitions]
fugitive a person who is escaping or running away.
-ful a suffix that means "full of" or "having the character of." [3 definitions]
fulcrum the point of support on which a lever turns.
fulfill to do or carry out as expected or required. [2 definitions]
full1 not able to hold or contain any more. [4 definitions]
full moon the moon when it is on the side of Earth that is opposite the sun and looks from Earth like a complete circle. [2 definitions]
full of beans (informal) full of energy; very active. [2 definitions]
fully in a way that is complete, entire, or thorough; totally. [2 definitions]
fumble to search or feel about for something in a nervous or clumsy way. [4 definitions]
fume (often plural) a vapor, smoke, or odor that is not pleasant or healthy. [2 definitions]
fun something that amuses or entertains. [2 definitions]
function the purpose or role that an object or a person fulfills or is suited for. [3 definitions]
functional serving a purpose or able to serve the intended purpose. [2 definitions]
fund a supply of money or other resources that is held for a particular purpose. [4 definitions]
fundamental basic; central; serving as a foundation. [2 definitions]
fundamentally in central or important ways.
funding the act or process of collecting and supplying money needed for a particular purpose or group.
funeral a ceremony for a dead person.
fungi a plural form of fungus.