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fungus one of a large group of living things that appear similar to plants but cannot make their own food using sunlight in the way plants do. Fungi consume plant, animal, and other living matter. Mushrooms, yeasts, and molds are fungi. Fungi help decompose dead plants and animals.
funnel a tool shaped like a cone with a narrow tube at the small end. Funnels are used for pouring something into a small opening. [2 definitions]
funny causing laughter or amusement. [2 definitions]
fur the soft thick hair that covers the bodies of certain animals such as the mink, cat, or fox. [3 definitions]
furious full of anger; wild with fury. [2 definitions]
furlough a vacation for a person in the military.
furnace anything in which heat is made for a specific purpose by burning fuel. A furnace can be used to heat a building or to melt metal.
furnish to supply with furniture. [2 definitions]
furniture movable objects such as chairs, tables, and beds used to make a room fit for living in.
furrow a long narrow ditch made in the ground for planting seeds. [3 definitions]
furry having a coat of fur. [2 definitions]
further at or to a greater distance or extent; farther. "Further" is a comparative form of the adverb "far." [4 definitions]
furthermore besides; in addition; moreover.
furthest to or at the greatest point or extent. "Furthest" is a superlative form of the adjective "far." [2 definitions]
fury very wild anger; rage; frenzy. [2 definitions]
fuse1 any device used to set off an explosion.
fuse2 to cause to become liquid by using heat; melt. [4 definitions]
fuselage the body of an airplane. The engines, wings, and tail are attached to the fuselage. The passengers, cargo, and crew ride in the fuselage.
fusion the act of fusing or joining together. [4 definitions]
fuss activity or attention that is not necessary. [3 definitions]
future time that is yet to come. [3 definitions]