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genetic of, concerning, caused by, or influenced by heredity, especially by genes.
genetics (used with a singular verb) the science that studies how characteristics are passed on from parent to offspring. Genetics is concerned with the influence of genes on the appearance, development, and evolution of plants and animals.
genial cheerful and friendly. [2 definitions]
genie a spirit, often in human form, that will grant one's wishes. Genies are sometimes written about in Arabian literature.
genius an unusual ability to think or create in ways that go far beyond what most people can do. [2 definitions]
gentile (sometimes capitalized) a person who is not Jewish.
gentle kind; generous; mild. [4 definitions]
gentleman a polite and honorable man. [3 definitions]
gentlewoman a polite and honorable woman. [2 definitions]
gently softly or mildly; not harshly.
genuine true to what is claimed; real. [2 definitions]
genus a large group of different but closely related plants and animals. A genus contains more organisms than a species but fewer than a family.
geography the science of the earth's surface and all life on it. When studying geography, one learns about the different countries and people of the earth, its climate, its natural resources, and its oceans, rivers, and mountains. [2 definitions]
geology the study of the physical structure of the earth and how it has changed over time. Geologists gain this knowledge by studying rocks. Some geologists study other planets. [2 definitions]
geometric having to do with geometry. [2 definitions]
geometry the area of mathematics concerned with the study of shapes and objects. Geometry deals with the measurement and relation of angles, points, lines, planes, and solid figures. [2 definitions]
Georgia a state in the southeastern United States on the Atlantic coast. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. (abbreviated: GA) [2 definitions]
geothermal having to do with the heat produced inside the earth.
geranium a garden plant with red, pink, or white flowers that grow in bunches.
gerbil a very small rodent that looks like a mouse with a furry tail. Gerbils live in burrows in the deserts of Africa and Asia. They are often kept as pets.
germ a microscopic organism, especially one that causes illness. Bacteria and viruses that cause diseases are called germs. [2 definitions]