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gimmick a clever device or idea whose only purpose is to get a customer's attention.
gin1 an alcoholic drink made from grain flavored with juniper berries.
gin2 a machine for removing the seeds from raw cotton; cotton gin.
ginger the root of a tropical plant, used as a spice to flavor food. [2 definitions]
gingerbread a type of cake or cookie flavored with ginger and molasses.
gingham a strong cotton cloth that often has a pattern, such as checks or stripes.
giraffe a mammal with a very long neck, long legs, and hooves. Giraffes have short horns covered with fur. They live in Africa and eat the tops of trees. Male giraffes can be up to eighteen feet tall. They are the tallest animal that lives on land.
girder a heavy beam made of steel or wood used to support the floor or framework of a bridge or building.
girl a female child or teenager. [2 definitions]
girlfriend a favorite female friend that one feels attraction or love for. [2 definitions]
girlhood the state or time of being a girl.
Girl Scout a member of a U.S. youth organization for girls called the Girl Scouts.
girth the length around something.
give to present. [7 definitions]
give away to give for free instead of selling; give as a gift. [2 definitions]
give birth to bring a child or baby animal into the world.
given past participle of give. [4 definitions]
give someone the slip to escape from.
give up to surrender; yield. [3 definitions]
give way to collapse or fall apart.
glacier a large mass of ice formed in cold regions from compacted snow and very slowly moving down a slope or across land.