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glockenspiel a percussion instrument composed of a set of metal bars that are struck with hammers.
gloom lack of light; darkness. [2 definitions]
gloomy dim or dark. [3 definitions]
glorify to praise, honor, or worship. [2 definitions]
glory great honor, praise, or fame. [4 definitions]
gloss1 a shine on a surface.
glossary a list of unusual or difficult words and their meanings connected with a particular subject or particular piece of writing. A glossary is often placed at the end of a book.
glossy having a smooth, shiny surface or appearance.
glove a covering for the hand that has separate parts for each finger and the thumb. [3 definitions]
glow a steady light, especially the light given off by something very hot. [6 definitions]
glowworm a worm-shaped insect that can give off light from its body. The larvae and the females of the firefly are kinds of glowworm.
glue a thick, sticky liquid used to join things together. [2 definitions]
glum in low spirits; sad or gloomy.
gnarled bent and twisted; crooked. [2 definitions]
gnat a small flying insect with two wings. Some gnats bite people or animals.
gnaw to bite or chew on again and again.
gnome1 a creature in fairy tales that lives inside the earth and guards precious treasure. Gnomes are often portrayed as little old men with beards.
gnu a large mammal with a large head and long, curving horns. Gnus live in Africa and are a kind of antelope. They have a beard, a mane, and a long tail.
go1 to move; travel. [16 definitions]
goal a result or end that a person wants and works for; aim or purpose. [3 definitions]
goalie a short form of "goalkeeper."