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goose a water bird that looks like a duck but is usually larger, with a longer neck and legs and a more pointed bill. Some geese are raised by farmers, and some are found in the wild. [4 definitions]
goose bump roughness of the skin that looks like the skin of a plucked goose. Goose bumps last only for a short while and are caused by cold or fear.
goose flesh roughness of the skin that looks like the skin of a plucked goose. Goose flesh lasts only for a short while and is caused by cold or fear.
goose pimple a small bump on the skin caused by cold or fear.
go overboard to do far too much, or with too much energy.
gopher a small rodent with gray or brown fur and a short tail. Gophers live in burrows and tunnel underground to look for food. They are also called pocket gophers, because they have pouches outside their cheeks where they carry food and nesting material. Gophers live in Central and North America.
gorge a narrow space between rocky cliffs. [2 definitions]
gorgeous very beautiful; splendid.
gorilla a very large ape that lives in African forests. Gorillas are the largest of the primates. Male gorillas living in zoos can weigh as much as six hundred pounds. All gorillas living in the wild are in danger of extinction.
gosling a very young goose.
gospel (often capitalized) the lessons taught by Jesus Christ and his apostles. [3 definitions]
gossip tales or talk about the personal lives and secrets of others when they are not present. [3 definitions]
got past tense and a past participle of "get."
gotten a past participle of "get."
gouge a type of chisel with a blade shaped like a scoop, used to carve wood. [3 definitions]
gourd the rounded fruit of a plant related to the squash. Certain kinds of gourds are dried and then used to make containers or decorations.
gourmet a person who loves and knows much about good food and fine wine. [2 definitions]
Gov. abbreviation of "governor."
govern to rule or lead. [2 definitions]
government the making of laws and important decisions that control or affect all the people living in a community, state, or nation. [3 definitions]
governor a person who leads a government, especially that of a state of the United States.