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Gov. an abbreviation for governor.
govern to rule or lead. [2 definitions]
government the making of laws and important decisions that control or affect all the people living in a community, state, or nation. [3 definitions]
governor a person who leads a government, especially that of a state of the United States.
govt. an abbreviation for government.
go whole hog (informal) to do something as completely as possible, without holding back.
gown a dress worn on special occasions. [2 definitions]
grab to take hold of suddenly or with force; snatch. [2 definitions]
grace beauty or charm in form, style, or motion. [4 definitions]
graceful marked by grace or beauty of movement or manner.
gracious likely to do what is polite, kind, or right.
grackle a North American blackbird with a long tail and shiny black feathers.
grade a level, degree, or rank in a scale. [7 definitions]
grade school see elementary school.
gradual happening by degrees that are small and even.
graduate a person who has finished studying at high school or college. A diploma is given to a graduate to show that all the necessary work has been done. [2 definitions]
graduation the act or process of graduating. [2 definitions]
graffito something written, scratched, or drawn on subway cars, buses, or walls in public places.
graft1 a part of a plant that is taken off and placed into a slit on another plant so that the two parts will grow together and become one plant. [3 definitions]
graham a flour made from the entire wheat grain.
grain the small hard seeds of cereal plants such as wheat or rice. Grain is used for food and often ground into flour. [4 definitions]