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graft1 a part of a plant that is taken off and placed into a slit on another plant so that the two parts will grow together and become one plant. [3 definitions]
graham a flour made from the entire wheat grain.
grain the small hard seeds of cereal plants such as wheat or rice. Grain is used for food and often ground into flour. [4 definitions]
gram1 the basic unit of weight in the metric system, equal to one thousandth of a kilogram or 0.0353 ounce. (abbreviated: g)
grammar the rules for forming the words and sentences of a language. Some of these rules have to be learned. Other rules are already in the head of a native speaker. For example, a native English speaker would not say, "I a cat bitten by was," because the grammar does not make sense. When one learns a new language, most of the rules of its grammar have to be learned. [2 definitions]
grammar school see "elementary school."
grammatical of or having to do with grammar. [2 definitions]
grand splendid in size or appearance. [4 definitions]
grand- a prefix that means "one generation away."
Grand Canyon a long, deep valley with steep, rocky walls formed by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is in northwestern Arizona.
grandchild a child of one's son or daughter.
granddaughter a female child of one's son or daughter.
grandfather the father of a person's mother or father.
grandfather clock a pendulum clock that is in a tall, narrow cabinet.
grandma (informal) the female parent of one's parent; grandmother.
grandmother the mother of a person's father or mother.
grandpa (informal) the male parent of one's parent; grandfather.
grandparent the father or mother of one's parent; a grandmother or grandfather.
grandson the male child of one's son or daughter.
grandstand the rows of seats where people watch a sports event or parade. The seats are often covered by a roof.
granite a hard stone made by the activity of volcanoes. It is used for making buildings, monuments, and sculptures.