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grasshopper an insect with long, powerful hind legs for jumping and two pairs of wings. Grasshoppers eat plants.
grassland a large area of land covered by grass.
grassy covered with grass.
grate1 a frame of crossed or parallel metal bars used as a covering or guard over an opening. [2 definitions]
grate2 to make a sharp grinding noise. [4 definitions]
grateful feeling thankful or showing thanks for kindness or something pleasing.
gratify to please; satisfy.
grating1 a frame of bars that covers an opening; grate.
gratitude the feeling of being thankful; gratefulness.
grave1 a hole dug in the ground where a dead body is buried.
grave2 very serious or important; causing deep concern. [3 definitions]
gravel a loose mixture of small stones, pebbles, and sometimes sand.
graveyard an area of ground where dead people are buried; cemetery.
gravitation the force that pulls planets, stars, or particles toward one another.
gravity the force by which all objects in the universe are attracted to each other. [2 definitions]
gravy a sauce made from the juice that drips from cooking meat.
gray the color of the sky before it rains; the color between black and white. [4 definitions]
graze1 to feed on growing grass. [2 definitions]
graze2 to touch or brush lightly in passing. [4 definitions]
grease melted or soft animal fat. [4 definitions]
greasy covered with grease. [3 definitions]