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graveyard an area of ground where dead people are buried; cemetery.
gravitation the force that pulls planets, stars, or particles toward one another.
gravity the force by which all objects in the universe are attracted to each other. [2 definitions]
gravy a sauce made from the juice that drips from cooking meat.
gray the color of the sky before it rains; the color between black and white. [4 definitions]
graze1 to feed on growing grass. [2 definitions]
graze2 to touch or brush lightly in passing. [4 definitions]
grease melted or soft animal fat. [4 definitions]
greasy covered with grease. [3 definitions]
great very large in size or number. [6 definitions]
great- a prefix that means "one generation away."
Great Britain the main island of the United Kingdom. Great Britain is located off the coast of France and includes England, Scotland, and Wales.
Great Dane a breed of dog. Great Danes are very large, powerful dogs with short hair, long legs, and a square muzzle.
great-grandchild a child of one's grandson or granddaughter.
great-grandfather the grandfather of a person's mother or father.
great-grandmother the grandmother of a person's mother or father.
great-grandparent a parent of one's grandmother or grandfather.
Great Lakes five large, connected freshwater lakes of North America. They lie on the border between the United States and Canada; Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario.
greatly very much.
Great Sandy Desert a very dry area of land in northwestern Australia.
Great Victoria Desert a very dry region in southwestern Australia.