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green thumb a special skill to make plants grow well.
greet to speak to with friendly or polite words upon meeting or when starting a letter. [3 definitions]
greeting words or actions used to greet others. [2 definitions]
Grenada an island country in the eastern West Indies north of Trinidad and Tobago. The capital of Grenada is St. George's.
grenade a small bomb that is thrown by hand or shot from a rifle after its fuse is set.
grew past tense of "grow."
grey another spelling of gray.
greyhound a breed of dog. Greyhounds have a narrow body and head and long legs. They can run very fast.
grid a frame of crossing or parallel bars; grating. [2 definitions]
griddle a flat pan or flat heated surface used in cooking.
gridiron a flat frame of metal bars or wires, used for cooking foods. [2 definitions]
gridlock a traffic jam in which no vehicles can move in any direction because key streets are blocked by traffic.
grief great sadness.
grieve to feel great sadness; mourn. [2 definitions]
grill a rack of metal bars used to hold foods for cooking over flames. [4 definitions]
grim stern or harsh. [3 definitions]
grimace a twisting of the face to show pain, disgust, or anger. [2 definitions]
grime dirt clinging to or rubbed into a surface.
grin to smile broadly, so that the teeth are showing. [2 definitions]
grind to crush or make by crushing into very small pieces or a powder. [3 definitions]
grindstone a stone wheel that is turned to sharpen knives and tools, grind grain, or sand and shape items by rubbing or scraping.