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grit tiny rough bits of sand or stone. [3 definitions]
grits ground white corn. Grits are a kind of cereal that is cooked before eating.
grizzled gray or somewhat gray.
grizzly bear a large bear found in the northwestern United States and western Canada. The fur of the grizzly bear can be grayish or brown.
groan a deep sound made to show pain, grief, or sadness. [2 definitions]
grocer a person who sells food and other supplies for household use.
grocery a store where food and other household supplies are sold; grocery store. [2 definitions]
grocery store a store in which food and other supplies for the household are sold. A grocery store can be a small shop in one's neighborhood or a large supermarket.
groggy confused, dizzy, or feeling unable to wake up.
groom a man who is about to be or has just been married. [4 definitions]
groove a long narrow cut or dent in a surface. [2 definitions]
grope to feel about or feel one's way with the hands. [2 definitions]
gross before anything is taken out; total. [5 definitions]
grotesque ugly or badly shaped in character or appearance.
grouch to complain; grumble. [2 definitions]
grouchy likely to be cross and complaining.
ground1 the earth's solid surface; land. [9 definitions]
ground2 past tense and past participle of "grind." [3 definitions]
ground beef beef that has been ground up into very small pieces for use in such things as hamburgers, meatloaf, and meat sauces.
groundhog another name for a woodchuck.
group a collection of people, things, or ideas that are in one place or are related by characteristics; cluster. [4 definitions]