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growth the process of growing. [3 definitions]
grow up to become an adult; to mature.
grub the larva of some beetles and other insects. Grubs are a young stage in the growth of the insect. They look like short, fat worms. [3 definitions]
grubby dirty or messy.
grudge anger that is held onto for a long time. [2 definitions]
grueling very tiring or difficult.
gruesome frightening in a disgusting way; horrible.
gruff low and harsh. [2 definitions]
grumble to complain in a low voice. [4 definitions]
grumpy in a bad mood; cross.
grunt to make the short deep sound of a hog, or a sound similar to this. [3 definitions]
guarantee a promise, especially in writing, that something one has bought will work properly. If it does not, the seller or maker must either repair or replace it. [4 definitions]
guard to protect from danger or harm. [6 definitions]
guardian a person who guards or protects. [2 definitions]
guardrail a bar, often made of metal, that keeps people from going over the edge of something.
Guatemala a country in Central America. Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala.
guava a tropical American tree that bears white flowers and fruit that can be eaten. [2 definitions]
guerrilla one of a group of soldiers who do not work as part of an official army. Guerillas make surprise attacks against an enemy.
guess to form an opinion without enough information to be certain. [4 definitions]
guest a person who is a visitor in another's home. [2 definitions]
guidance the act of guiding. [2 definitions]